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Research company Bredelaar is an independent and private company, specialised in authorisation research for plant protection products. The company was founded in 1988. It started at arable farm Bredelaar in Elst (Gld.) in the Netherlands where efficacy- and phytotoxicity trials in arable crops were conducted.

In 1994 Bredelaar was the first Dutch company to obtain a “Statement of GLP compliance” for residue trials on plant protection products. This gave us the opportunity to carry out residue research. Furthermore the number of crops in which efficacy- and phytotoxicity trials were carried out was enlarged significantly during these years.

Research company Bredelaar has been GEP certified since the introduction of the GEP guidelines in 1996. From then on all field trials have been carried out in compliance with the GEP guidelines.

Over the years, Bredelaar has grown from sole proprietorship to a renowned research company with a team of well-trained and qualified staff. Clients can contact us for residue and efficacy testing but also for demonstration trials. We do research in crop protection against various diseases, pests and weeds in all kind of crops.

Due to the development of Park Lingezegen in the area of Nijmegen and Arnhem, Bredelaar was forced to move to a new location. This gave the opportunity to make a new start at another location in Elst. From spring 2013 onwards Bredelaar is situated at this new location. Especially the opportunities for carrying out storage trials and trials in glasshouse crops are therefore considerably improved.

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